About Us

Music has always been a way for humanity to cope in both times of tragedy and to celebrate in times of great joy. Music has propelled protest movements, raised funds for the unfortunate, and brought people together throughout history. Sadly, we are now in the midst of an unprecedented event, where the spread of COVID-19 has seemed to slow down or even stop our whole country, if not the whole world. Even though we are now practicing social separation, it is more important than ever to come together, and that's what we are trying to do with the Iowa Virtual Band.

The Iowa Virtual Band was largely inspired by the work of Eric Whitacre and his multiple successful virtual choirs. Taking a hint from Whitacre himself, we are planning on using the same basic principles and apply it to band. While the idea was largely inspired to be a resource for band directors and their students who have been displaced by the pandemic, any and all who have an instrument and want to play are welcome to submit a recording.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can get a hold of us by reaching out via our contact page!