As more people submit recordings and have questions, we will update this page with the most up-to-date information!

How do I participate in the Iowa Virtual Band?

Simply go to the "How to Record" page at the Iowa Virtual Band website and follow the instructions. Make sure you have the password to access the music, it should be with the information that your director sent out!

The submission form isn't working for me, how can I submit a recording

If the video submission form isn't working for you for whatever reason, please submit your recording via email to iowavirtualband@gmail.com. Simply attach the file like you would with any other document. Some school districts don't allow sharing of files outside of the school network, so the form may not always work.

Why is the music password protected? Wouldn't it be easier to just put it all on the website?

While it would be faster and easier to put direct links to the website, we want to make sure to protect the rights of our composers. We have permission to use the pieces specifically for this event and want to make sure that we don't abuse the generosity of the people who write music! Please do not share the login information with anyone else, we have reached out specifically to band directors to pass information to their students.

Does it cost anything to participate in the Iowa Virtual Band?

Nope! While most honor bands charge some sort of registration fee, we wanted to provide this opportunity for 100% free for our students. That being said, there are costs associated with maintaining the website, having enough storage space for all submissions, and taking steps to innovate the IVB. If you'd like to make a donation to help offset these costs, please visit our "Donate" page.

Who can participate in the Iowa Virtual Band?

While the main intent of the Iowa Virtual Band is to help keep students in the state of Iowa involved in actively making music during this unprecedented time, we are happy to accept submissions from family members who you are self-isolating with, band directors, and very talented pets. (maybe not the pets, but you get the idea, the more the merrier)

I'm a percussionist and I don't have access to any instruments, how can I participate?

This is one of the biggest challenges we've seen right now with the Iowa Virtual Band and our answer is simply, "Be creative!" There are many things that you can use around the house to simulate a percussion instrument that you might not have access to and while none of them are perfect replacements, they will definitely work in a pinch! Be careful not to break anything and always ask permission before making a non-traditional instrument. Below are some suggestions!

Simple Gifts Alternative Percussion Examples

Crash Cymbals - metal trash can lids, pizza pans, cookie sheets

Suspended Cymbal - metal trash can lids, pizza pans, cookie sheets

Triangle - Any small metal object that resonates when hit

Temple Blocks - various sizes of scrap wood hit with a mallet or clicking your tongue (make sure to always use the same pitches though!)

Bass Drum - large cardboard box or a large trash can

Sleigh Bells - pet toys that jingle, dog tags, keys

Mallet instruments - play it on a piano (even an online piano) or on your bell kit from 5th-grade!

Timpani - we're still working on this one....let us know your most creative idea!

Algona Crossing Alternative Percussion Examples

Coming soon!